Tooth Extraction in St. Petersburg, FL

No one likes the idea of losing their natural teeth. Mai Dentistry explores every option possible to save your teeth. However, if a tooth extraction becomes necessary, our staff works hard to keep patients comfortable throughout the experience.

Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Several dental conditions could lead to the possibility of a tooth extraction, including:

  • Teeth crowding
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Injury to your tooth that causes a crack or break
  • Decay that affects your roots
  • Severe gum disease that causes bone loss
  • A failed root canal
  • Then need to prepare for braces or a cosmetic procedure

Tooth Extraction St. Petersburg, FL

What’s Involved in the Procedure?

The type of extraction performed depends on the severity of your issue. For example, if the tooth is visible above the gum line with straight roots and solid tooth structure remained, the dentist may only need to conduct a simple extraction. In those instances, the dentists typically numb the location of the teeth or tooth scheduled for removal. Next, the dentist extracts the tooth with hand instruments. They may recommend that you receive a bone graft to preserve the bone in your jaw and keep it at a healthy level. In addition, bone grafts help with restorative dental options, like implants and bridges.

Conditions such as: an impacted tooth trapped beneath the gum line, a tooth with complicated structured roots, severely compromised tooth structure, etc., the tooth may require more complicated surgery. If so, the dentist might suggest general or intravenous anesthesia for the procedure.

What Should I Expect After a Tooth Extraction?

Once the surgery is complete, the Mai Dentistry staff goes over instructions for your post-operative care. It’s essential that you follow those recommendations as written to avoid complications during your healing. In addition, you may receive prescriptions for medications like antibiotics, pain relief, or anti-inflammatories.

If the dentist administered a local anesthetic, your mouth might feel numb for a few hours after the procedure. However, patients are typically able to resume their everyday routine a day after having the tooth extraction. The opening left by your missing tooth should start to close after a few weeks.

What If I’m Nervous About the Procedure?

Patients who have reservations about going to the dentist usually get through a tooth extraction without issue. Our staff makes sure patients are mentally prepared to undergo the procedure before moving forward. We never want to see any of those we treat in distress.

If you find yourself still having fears about having a tooth extraction, Mai Dentistry provides several sedation options to help keep you relaxed and calm during the experience.

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