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If you have dental issues like an advanced state of decay in one or more teeth or tooth abscess, a root canal may be your best option. Root canals are a standard procedure to help individuals save their natural teeth. If you’re looking for a way to avoid having your teeth pulled, Mai Dentistry is happy to educate you about the benefits of root canals and how the procedure might benefit your dental health.

How Does it Work?

An endodontist typically performs more complicated root canals. Here’s an overview of how the process works.

  • Your dentist takes dental x-rays to get a better sense of the state of your teeth
  • The dentist provides you with a local anesthetic to alleviate any discomfort during the root canal
  • The dentist will isolate the tooth to separate the target tooth and keep saliva out of the root canal
  • The dentist uses small, thin tools to clean the canal and apply a cleaning solution to your tooth canal
  • After cleaning your canal, the dentist uses a standard cavity filling to close up the space

Root Canal St. Petersburg, FL

Your dentist will likely provide you with a temporary filling or crown until Mai Dentistry’s outside lab fabricates your customized crown. After it comes back, your dentist then bonds the cap in place to further protect your root canal.

Does It Hurt to Have a Root Canal?

Does It Hurt to Have a Root Canal?

Because of technological advancements in the tools used by dentists, they have more control over a root canal procedure. Because of that, patients typically do not experience anything more than the discomfort you might feel when having a cavity filled. While you may feel some pain after the procedure, it usually goes away within a week.

How Long Does a Root Canal Last?

How Long Does a Root Canal Last?

If you have proper protection around your tooth structure, your root canal should last for years. However, it is possible that you may need to have the canal replaced or tooth extracted later in life if the root canal fails.

Can a Root Canal Not Work?

Can a Root Canal Not Work?

It is highly unusual for a root canal procedure to fail. The most common reason for that is when the root fractures or the root canal is contaminated and infected with bacteria.

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