Invisalign in St. Petersburg, FL

If you’re not crazy about the idea of wearing traditional metal braces, Invisalign could be the perfect alternative to help improve your smile. The professionals at Mai Dentistry have the skill and knowledge necessary to provide you with a proper Invisalign fit and help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

What Is Invisalign?

Traditional braces involve placing brackets on your teeth and using wire to straighten and align them over time. As a result, they’re visible to anyone you encounter and they tend to trap food more making cleaning more difficult. With Invisalign, you receive a series of clear aligners custom-fit to your mouth. That way, they’re more comfortable to wear during the day and overnight.

The biggest benefit for most people is that Invisalign braces are barely visible. You could speak with someone and never have them realize that you’re wearing aligners. That’s a lot more preferable for many people, especially adults reluctant to wear metal braces.

How Does the Process Work?

You start by coming to Mai Dentistry for a comprehensive exam. Your dentist will assess your teeth and develop a treatment plan to address your specific dental issues. In addition, they’ll make sure you receive any necessary dental services or treatments to get your teeth ready for Invisalign.

Next, the staff takes pictures and dental x-rays before creating custom teeth impressions of your teeth. Everything collected during your sessions gets sent to Invisalign to start fabricating your custom aligners. It typically takes a few weeks to finish making the clear braces. Once completed, Invisalign sends the trays back to Mai Dentistry.

St. Petersburg, FL Invisalign

How Long Do I Have to Wear Invisalign Braces?

You can expect to wear your Invisalign trays for around 22 hours per day. In addition, Mai Dentistry schedules routine visits every four to six weeks. We provide you with a new set of aligners during those sessions and make sure you’re making progress.

Once you’ve achieved the desired level of straightness for your teeth, Mai Dentistry provides you with customized retainers. Wearing them keeps your teeth from shifting out of their new position and maintains your new smile. It’s an essential part of the entire process. You should wear them every night to achieve and maintain the best results.

Am I Eligible for Invisalign?

You may be eligible for Invisalign if you’re dealing with the following dental conditions:

  • Had braces previously and now teeth have moved
  • Have small gaps or teeth crowding
  • Have had minor shifting of the teeth of less than 20 degrees
  • Malocclusion or ill bite

Invisalign St. Petersburg, FL

If you’re interested in exploring Invisalign as an option for an improved smile, contact Mai Dentistry today at 727-800-0022.

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